Sub-Station Services

Failing equipment provides many early signs of distress. Unfortunately, our senses often cannot detect these signs. Predictive testing uses sophisticated instruments to extend our senses so that we may recognize early signs of equipment failure.

Thermographic inspections of a sub-station equipment detect hot-spots well before problems occur. Using a "thermal-sensitive" camera and related equipment, an operator can see equipment hot-spots immediately, record the hot spot on diskette, take a video or photo of the actual item, and make recommendations.

Preventive Maintenance

The example below shows the overheated section in a major substation and how the use of the infrared cameras can help discover critical place before the disaster strikes.

What you seeWhat we see

Don't wait till is too late! Infrared inspections are a key element of a preventive maintenance. Avoid the disaster by scheduling a routine testing performed by the best and most experienced in the industry - Colvin Infrared, Inc.

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Sub-Station Testing Services

Colvin Infrared specializes in performing the following sub-station testing services:

  • Infrared Testing
  • Maintenence
  • Switchgear Test
  • Calibration
  • Containment
  • Week Control
  • Ground Tests
  • Water Removal
  • SF-6 Gas

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